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 To deliver true Premium Quality to everyone around the world

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Sales in Japan

―Our home ground―

Our core business is importing marine products, fresh produce, cut flowers, seedlings, and other fresh products to Japan -a business we have been carrying out for the past 48 years since the company’s establishment. We import goods from many countries around the world, continuously offering new products to the Japanese market to meet the ever-changing market requirements.

―Our Strengths―

1. Staff members
We have multilingual staff members who can speak Japanese, English, Spanish, and Chinese. We also have highly experienced staff members with expert knowledge of marine products, fresh produce, cut flowers, as well as professionals who have experience in the culinary and flower designing field.

2. Product development
We work closely with our international partners to develop new products to fulfill the demands of the Japanese market.

3. Customized for each customer
In our marine product business, we have affiliated processing plants near airports, operating 365 days a year, where we create products that are customized for each client which are sold directly in the retail market.

4. Network in Japan
We have a vast sales networks in Japan, currently selling products to approximately 10,000 mass retailers and 3,000 stores in the foodservice industry.

5. Expansion in Asia
We have affiliated processing and distribution companies in Vietnam and Malaysia were we arrange raw material from all over the world to be produced into high value-added products. We then import these products into Japan and distribute to the domestic market. Also, we export marine products from many countries to our affiliated companies to be distributed in their domestic market.

We look forward to working together with our producers to offer appealing products to the Japanese market.