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Our Business

Since its establishment in 1973, OceanTrading—an import and sales company specialized in fresh products—has conducted a range of business with countries across the globe. We do not just purchase and sell products; rather, we engage in development with our local producers and at times even personally cultivate wilderness and build farms, by which we have been able to import products tailored to the Japanese market. OceanTrading’s strengths include our expertise and strong, trusting relationships we have formed with production areas in this way.

Based on our policy of “Benefits for Three Parties”—meaning the seller, buyer, and society—we continue trying new things that no one has ever done before because we wish to offer products that bring happiness to the people of Japan.

This section introduces the principal businesses of our groups—focused on imports to Japan—which are increasingly expanding and include exports of Japanese products, overseas production, local business developments by overseas subsidies, and intermediate trade.