Planting sprouts to protect
the culture of flowers

Flowers add color to all sorts of situations in life and also enhance spiritual abundance. However, the amount of flowers grown in Japan is unfortunately decreasing as producers grow older and have no successors to hand their businesses to. In addition, global warming over the past few years has led to abnormal weather, so the production amount is falling each year. The mission of the Flower Groupis to protect Japan’s ancient culture of flowers that enhances human lives. We continue proposing lifestyles that include flowers as a part of daily life.

We offer cut flowers imported from around the world, mainly chrysanthemum, rose, carnation, and sakaki (Cleyera Japonica). We deliver fresh flowers to markets, mass retailers, merchants in the funeral and ceremonial industry, florists, and other businesses throughout Japan every day.

However, we differ significantly from a traditional cut flower trading company (which merely purchases and sells cut flowers produced in overseas countries) in one way: we producecut flowers that conform to strict Japanese quality standards.

We founded JVAT in Vietnam, a local subsidiary that independently conducts the entire production process spanning from agricultural land cultivation, house construction, chrysanthemum cultivation, and human resource education. Of course, Japanese technicians are permanently stationed there to convey the Japanese culture of flowers by growing chrysanthemums together with the Vietnamese staff. In this way, OceanTrading goes beyond the framework of a trading company to serve in the role of a producer as well. We also carry out processing tasks in domestic Japanese distribution, including intermediate wholesaler tasks and dyeing.

In other words, we consistently take part in the process from development to production, import, export, distribution, and management. We believe this is the definition of true supply chain management.

Moreover, we utilize our chrysanthemum production experience in Vietnam to provide production technology guidance for producingcut flowers that meet strict Japanese quality standards to suppliers across the world, including in Colombia and China.

There is little recognition of production areas or producer brands in the world of cut flowers, which is something we wish to change. We continue shipping many appealing flowers today based on our hope to teach end users that the best chrysanthemums are produced in Vietnam by JVAT.

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