Continual, joint efforts to support
the commercialization and stability of agriculture

Now is the era in which farmers are increasingly involved with processing and distribution in addition to production.One can say the keys to survival are creating agricultural brands and offering a more diverse range of services.

In this environment, the mission of the Green Group—a business department specialized in agriculture—is to create a bright future for Japanese agriculture. Namely, we provide assistance in creating agricultural businesses. To that end, we develop new cultivation technologies and search out special materials from overseas countries.

One example is our cultivation of blueberries, which was said to be difficult to commercialize in Japan because of soil conditions. However, our bag culture system—the first of its type in the world—has disproven this theory. This system has been adopted more than 280 times as of today, and there are many examples of successful usage in drawing customers to commercial facilities and pick-your-own-blueberry farms.

We introduce new varieties from overseas research institutions andevaluate them in our own research farm. Only the best varieties are then offered to our customers. In addition, one of our great strengths is our total support system, including cultivation guidance and consultations after the introduction of our cultivation system.

Our products

Bag Culture System

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