Marine Products

Japan's food culture inspires smiles
across the globe

Japanese people have eaten fish since ancient times, so they have developed a diverse range of highly sophisticated techniques for the handling and preparation of fish. Sushi is incredibly popular across the world today, and the food culture created by Japanese people is being recognized in many different countries. In addition, Japan’s dietary culture has also involved the cultivation of distribution and processing technologies to make it possible to enjoy delicious fish.

In our Sendo ichi Project we promote sales of marine products in Southeast Asia. Starting with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we have increased our sales bases to Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our sales network has also been expanded to Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

In these countries as well, we make proposals regarding the Japanese-standard distribution and processing technologies we have cultivated in our 40 years of import sales to Japan—a country that consumes a great deal of fish. We hope to contribute to the development of new food cultures in Europe and North America, as well as the Southeast Asian countries, via our original methods.

In addition, the marine product procurement network we have developed up until now spans six continents, stretching from the Arctic Ocean withits beautiful auroras to the vast fjords of Chilean Patagonia underneath the Southern Cross. Ourstrengths include ourbroad product lineup—fromraw materials to processed goods—and our ability toquickly grasp fishing information.

We are confident that we have placed maximum priority on efforts related to food safety, an issue that is of great concernnowadays. In the future we will continue doing everything we can to ensure safety and peace of mind by placing importance on trusting relationships with the places from which we purchase marine products and the people we sell them to.

Our aim is to inspire smiles in Japan and across the globe by offering fresh, safe, and delicious marine products together with our partners throughout the world who share thesame intentions.

Main Item

Aurora Salmon®

Leroy Trout Premium

Pristine Salmon

Frozen Tuna

Fresh Tuna Loin

Other Items

Processed food

Frozen Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Slice
(Shingle frozen)

Leroy Fossen Smoke Salmon

Pickled Mackerel Sashimi Slice

Imitated Crab meat

Cooked Salmon Fillet

Salmon Belly Kabayaki

Salmon Skin Chips

Fresh Chilean Salmon

Fresh Chilean Atlantic Salmon