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Ocean Trading provides high-quality frozen fruit and vegetables from Vietnam

For many years, Ocean Trading has specialized in the import and wholesale of safe, reliable and delicious fruit and vegetables, building strong relationships with dependable producers. More recently, the sudden rise of Japanese domestic labor costs has led to an increasing shift towards overseas production, and innovations in processing technology have given rise to major improvements in the quality and freshness of frozen products. There are now more customers with a demand for frozen fruit and vegetables. Against this backdrop, Ocean Trading has been dealing in frozen fruit and vegetables for the past several years.

In 2008, we established an overseas subsidiary, JVAT, in Vietnam. We established a vast farm in the highlands of Dalat, where we have begun the cultivation of chrysanthemums. Taking advantage of the farm's infrastructure, we have also expanded our operations to include fruit and vegetable cultivation projects on the same site. We cooperate with local farmers to grow agricultural products that are best suited to the local climate. We take great care in sourcing the finest compost and fertilizers in order to extract the maximum flavor from our produce, and we also work proactively to ensure that our use of agrochemicals is kept to a minimum.

Experienced Japanese staff are stationed at our Ho Chi Minh branch office, conducting thorough quality control and carefully managing our operations. Through cooperation with capable corporate partners, we are able to quickly produce high-quality products, in addition to providing a comprehensive aftercare system. We are involved right from the production stages, sharing the warmth and sentiments of our local partners and producers as we cultivate safe and reliable food products. After all, it is our mission to deliver truly delicious frozen fruit and vegetables to the Japanese consumer.

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