Management Policy

Benefits for Three Parties: we are planters of “seeds”

It is said there are more than 2.9 million active corporations in Japan today. Because management environments change more rapidly each year, businesses are trying to stay afloat amidst fierce fighting for market share and other types of competition. In this environment, OceanTrading Co.,Ltd. has continually and thoroughly adhered to its fundamental principle over the 40 years since the company’s founding.

Our fundamental principle and corporate philosophy are the same: the spirit of “Benefits for Three Parties,” meaning the seller, buyer, and society. We are confident that a truly good business can satisfy the buyer and seller alike, which can accomplish contributions to society. We believe that OceanTrading’s mission is to bring prosperity and happiness to all people we are involved with through our business, including producers, consumers, distributors and other clients, employees, and all stakeholders.

As a trade company, our purchasing and selling of products is a method; the ideal business we aim for can accomplish a wide range of contributions including regional vitalization, quality improvement, job creation, economic independence and the enhancement of food cultures in overseas production areas, and the exchange of traditions and culture.

To that end, we will continue planting “seeds.”

This act of planting seeds is the cornerstone of “Benefits for Three Parties.” By working and making great efforts, we can inspire happiness in other people. We have been able to earn trust over our long history of 40 years because we have continually embodied this spirit in our concrete actions. As a result, we believe we have created a heartfelt business based on understanding of and empathy with our philosophy, rooted in small connections and trusting relationships.

We will continue planting seeds even though we don’t know when they will come to fruition; the day of harvest will arrive as long as we have faith and act in a calm, humble fashion. We will believe in the future and continue planting seeds forever—over the next 40, 50, or 100 years. From today we will continue to prize our philosophy of “Benefits for Three Parties” and, together with everyone who sympathizes with this feeling, will continue moving forward with sincerity and honesty.