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14 May. 2020Our company's response towards the Corona virus disease

First, we would like to send our deepest respect to everyone involved in the battle against the virus and extend our deepest sympathies to all who have been infected by the Corona virus (COVID-19).


In response to the official announcement of the Emergency Declaration, due to the spread of infection by the coronavirus, we have carried out the following measures since the middle of April. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and business partners, and ask for your kind understanding.


1. Working from home

Applied to workers who are able to work from home.


2. Staggered working hours

If the employee must come to the office due to the contents of his/her work, we recommend the employee to come and leave the office at different hours in order to avoid commuting during rush hours.


3. Postponement or cancellation of meetings, camps, meetings, etc. in which many people participate.


4. Prohibiting the participation of external exhibitions and events.


5. Prohibiting domestic and overseas business trips, and movement between business offices.


6. For meetings with our business partners, we recommend meetings that utilizes the internet, etc.


Regarding each measure, we plan to change or respond individually while observing future changes in the situation.

We will continue to consider and implement measures with the highest priority given to ensuring the safety of our employees and everyone involved with our company.

The end date will be determined in consideration of the future situation.