About our company logo

Ocean trading

We created a company logo on the occasion of our 50th anniversary.
Using a world map as a motif, we designed the "O" and "C" letters of Ocean.
The multiple lines represent the longitudinal lines of a world map,
and an image of Ocean Trading continuing to push forward on the world stage.

The colors represent the history of our company.
In the early days of the company's establishment,
we struggled hard in the "red ocean" (a fiercely competitive market)
but discovered new commercial products
by valuing human relationships.
By developing and expanding these products and services,
we succeeded in creating unique products and services
that only Ocean Trading can provide.
As a result of our continuous challenges,
we have entered into the "blue ocean" (untapped market).
The deep red and blue colors are associated
with these business terms and of pulsating arteries of the human body,
representing the dynamism and metabolism of our business.

Ocean trading Ocean trading