Food Import Business

Seafood, Fruits and Vegetables

Seeking high-quality to satisfy our clients

Although we are a specialized trading company, we do not simply purchase and import food goods from around the world. We build relationships of trust with overseas suppliers, and together develop products of even higher quality. In addition, we systematize the transportation route of the product so it will reach our clients with the utmost freshness. We will continue to take on new challenges and abide by our company philosophy of "Sanpo-Yoshi", which means to benefit the supplier, the buyer, and the society.

Marine Products


Together with cooperation from Leroy Seafood, one of Norway's largest and longest-established salmon producers, we became the first company in the world to successfully cultivate salmon in the Arctic Circle. Salmon are carefully cultivated in the clear, cold waters of the Arctic Circle, under thorough quality control, and has grown to become a branded salmon loved by consumers all over the world. We also have an extensive lineup of sustainable seafood products that have acquired the MSC/ASC certification, an international certification that shows that the seafood has been caught or farmed in consideration of the sustainability of the species and global marine environment. We handle a wide range of products ranging from raw materials to processed products. Ocean Trading was the first salmon importer in Japan to obtain the ASC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. We will continue to work with like-minded companies from all over the world, to deliver fresh, safe, and delicious seafood to our customers.

Product Lineup

  • Highest Quality Branded Salmon

    Aurora Salmon®

    Aurora Salmon® is cultivated in the cold waters of the Arctic Circle and grows more slowly than regular Norwegian salmon.
    This results in a well-balanced salmon with firm meat and a delicately balanced oil content. It has a good amount of oil with a refined delicate taste.

  • Excellent oil content!
    Beautiful color Norwegian Salmon Trout

    Fjord Trout

    Salmon trout (bred from the rainbow trout) is characterized by its bright orange meat color. It has a rich, fatty taste with a light aftertaste, and is widely used as a Sushi topping. It is said that stable production of salmon trout is difficult, but Fjord Trout has been created with innovative technology that allows it to be grown throughout the year.

  • Fossen Smoked Salmon

    The popular Fjord Trout has been cut into small portions and cold-smoked by using alder wood chips. For many years, this has been loved by top chefs throughout Europe.

  • Fresh from Chile
    Atlantic Salmon

    Chile to carries out large scale salmon farming and we import fresh salmon by air cargo. The salmon has bright meat color, firm meat texture and delicate flavor.

  • Smoked Oil Sardine

    Smoked sardines marinated in rapeseed oil. A generous 270 grams per bottle, it can be used in a variety of dishes such as pasta and salads.

  • Frozen Sea Urchin made in Chile

    Chilean sea urchin accounts for an overwhelming share of the frozen sea urchin imported from overseas into Japan. We carefully select the best quality sea urchin which is rich in taste.

  • Salmon Skin Chips

    Salmon skin is usually discarded during the processing process, but we have used it to produce crispy chips. The skin is rich in collagen and is popular among female consumers.

  • Imitation Crab Sticks made in India

    Our Imitation Crab Sticks is made from high quality fish paste made from Golden threadfin bream and Largehead hairtail fish. After many years of improvement, the product has a delicious crab taste. Low in calories and high in protein, it is a popular long-selling product.

  • Latvian Canned Fish
    (Salmon / Mackerel / Smoked Oil Sardine)

    Salmon, mackerel, and smoked oil sardine in a convenient to eat canned product. Also available in lemon and tomato flavors, and can be used in a variety of dishes.

  • Frozen Atlantic
    Salmon Slices

    Made from fresh Atlantic salmon from Norway and specially frozen and sliced. Enjoy the texture and flavor of fresh salmon. It can be processed to the specification request by the client.

  • “Mochiri Maguro”
    Our special frozen Yellowfin tuna

    Yellowfin tuna, fished out of the beautiful waters of Indonesia, is frozen at -60 degrees Celsius using Proton freezing technology, under strict quality control. The freezing process decreases the destruction of cells, and after thawing, the tuna retains the flavor and texture similar to fresh tuna.

  • Fresh Tuna Loin

    We import fresh tuna from Southeast Asian countries which are cut into loins. We purchase and sell tuna from local producers at stable prices throughout the year. The tuna can be processed to the client’s request. For example; skin-on, skin-off, dark meat removed, etc.

  • Frozen Chanja
    (Pickled fish innards)

    You can enjoy the Umami of seafood, garlic, ginger, and the spiciness, as well as the crunchy texture. It goes very well together with beer or rice.

  • Norwegian Skrei

    This migratory fish swims a distance of approximately 1000 km to the northern coast of Norway to spawn from January to early March each year. It is a unique and sought-after species that can be caught only at this time of year and location. It swims through rough, icy seas, making the meat have a superb flavor and firm texture.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

For many years, we have been committed to importing and wholesales of safe, reliable, and delicious fruits and vegetables. We have worked to build relationships with reliable producers and farmers from all over the world. In recent years, the shift to overseas production has accelerated due to soaring domestic labor costs. Innovations in processing technology have greatly improved the quality and freshness of frozen products, and there has been an increasing demand from customers for frozen fruits and vegetables. Due to this demand, we have been handling frozen fruits and vegetables from several years ago.

Product lineup

  • Frozen Mangoes

    Frozen Mangoes from Vietnam, cut into bite-sized pieces. It can be enjoyed as is. When thawed, the texture becomes smooth and melts in your mouth like pudding. When half-thawed, with the center still frozen, it has a similar texture to sorbet. It can also be used as an ingredient for making juice, smoothies, and confectionaries, and is very convenient.

  • Lotus Root

    The Vietnamese lotus root is frozen which gives it a glutinous texture. Available in sliced or chopped type products, and is convenient as it will shorten the time needed to cook it.

  • Sweet Potatoes

    Delicious frozen sweet potatoes grown in Dak Lak, Vietnam, which is about 1,200 meters above sea level and has abundant water resources and wide temperature fluctuation.

  • Lemon Tower

    Lemon slices are arranged and frozen in the shape of a tower. Take it out of the bag and place inside your cup and enjoy with your favorite beverage.



Through our various connections around the world, we were introduced to Scapegrace, a company from New Zealand which produces a very special Gin, one of the best in the world. Scapegrace is thoroughly committed to quality, and their quality has been recognized throughout the world, winning some of the most esteemed awards in global liquor competitions. We share Scapegrace's passion that their Gin should be available to enjoy in Japan, therefore, we have decided to start importing and selling their products. Respecting our connections around the world, we will continue to challenge new fields.

Product lineup


    Scapegrace Gin uses the purest water, melted glacial water from the Southern Alps. Botanicals are carefully selected from around the world, and distillation is carried out by using a 19th century Johndore still pot. Utilizing this special still pot, unnecessary flavors and aromas are removed, resulting in a liquid that is pure, smooth, and rich. When the Gin is mixed with tonic water, it does not lose its flavor, allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting aftertaste.



    SCAPEGRACE's debut single malt whiskey. The whisky is distilled at the world's southernmost distillery, which boasts a significant temperature variance between day and night, creating perfect conditions for aging the whisky, offering a robust and complex flavor profile.

  • Scapegrace Classic

    This remarkable Gin upholds 12 botanicals, with lemon and predominantly orange peel shining through. It is smooth and crisp on the palate with a refreshing aftertaste.

  • Scapegrace Gold

    This outstanding Gin was awarded the best London Dry Gin at the 2018 International Wine & Spirits Competition. A juicy Navy Strength Gin with 3 layers of citrus; orange, lemon and tangerine. The perfect friction between complexity and balance.

  • Scapegrace Black

    This is the world’s first natural black Gin. Fruity with a menthol like crispiness, naturally chilling, with a balanced citrus freshness and a hint of spice. The spirit changes color when mixed with tonic water, becoming a various shade of pink and blue.