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Enployees achieving better results

In a society where each individual's values is becoming increasingly diverse, it will become important for companies to seek out diverse human resources and proactively adopt and utilize diverse values.


Excellent Health Management Corporation

Ocean Trading considers the health of its employees as an utmost important asset for sustainable growth. In December 2020, Ocean Trading declared the "Healthy Workplace" policy to start its efforts to further improve and support the health of its employees. In March 2022, we became certified as the "health and productivity management," which is a certification system The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is promoting whereby it considers employees' health and productivity management from a business-management perspective to be one of the efforts toward achieving a healthy, long-lived society, and strategically implements initiatives that lead to maintenance and promotion of health. We will support the health management of our employees and aim to obtain the certification of Excellent Health Management.


Support for taking maternity and childcare leave and returning to work

Over the past five years, 100% of our female employees have taken maternity or childcare leave, and 62.5% have returned to work. The average length of maternity and childcare leave taken is 11.5 months (as of April 2021).
In addition, we are planning to introduce a shorter working hour system than the legally mandated standard. We will promote dissemination and provision of the system to gain understanding from not only the employees who will implement the new system but to all the other employees.
We are currently improving the environment to obtain the Kurumin Mark certification, a system in which the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare certifies companies that support the balance between work and child-rearing.
About Our Action Plan

Support for taking maternity and childcare leave and returning to work graph


The ratio of female employees in our company is 48%. The ratio of female managers is 15%, and the ratio of foreign national employees is 10% (as of April 2022).
Ocean Trading encourages the activities of female and non-Japanese employees, and will continue to develop human resources regardless of gender, race and nationality.