We sponsored "FEGASQUE", a local contribution festival in Chile.

FEGASQUE, FEstival GAstronómico internacional de QUEllón, a festival sponsored by Deep Sea Food S.A., which is one of our Chilean sea urchin suppliers, was held in Quellon City from October 16th to October 21st.
FEGASQUE started in 2017 as an idea by Mr Guillermo Roa, the president of Deep Sea Food S.A., and this year marks its 7th year.

The purpose of this festival is to give back to the workers and their families who work at the processing plants, and as Mr Guillermo Roa himself has had a hard time making a living when he was young, he hopes to support the dreams of the students who aspire to the world of gastronomy.

During the event, famous chefs were invited from all over the world to cook together with the students in the cooking school, as well as to make a sandwich that was 2,350 metres long, which is a Guinness record.

According to one of our staff who attended the festival, "It created a sense of unity throughout the city, and what was most impressive was the shining smiles on the childrens' faces.''

We, Ocean Trading, continue to maintain close relationships with suppliers around the world and keep contributing to the suppliers' regions.
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  • We sponsored "FEGASQUE", a local contribution festival in Chile.